YOUTH EXCHANGE in Spagna - "Yes to sustainability!"

Opportunità per giovani dai 17 ai 30 anni.

Progetto europeo Erasmus+ in cui RIVE è organizzazione Partner. La partecipazione a tutti questi progetti è gratuita, i costi di viaggio (fino ad un massimo di Euro 275,00), di vitto e alloggio sono finanziati da Erasmus+.


Scambio giovanile per 5 giovani italiani + 1 Youth leader dal 1 al 8 Ottobre 2017 in Spagna presso presso Ecovillaggio Lakabe - Navarra (

Paesi coinvolti: Italia, Olanda, Germania, Spagna

Requisiti richiesti: età da 17 a 30 anni e sufficiente inglese

Breve descrizione del progetto:

"Youth exchange in european ecovillage, where young people will go together to explore what challenges and opportunities ecovillages share regarding sustainability; what it can be do to empower themselves and how can it possible work together as a generation facing a social and ecological crisis to create sustainable change.

The aim is to explore what ecovillages are doing to tackle the crisis and to to focus on the personal development, active citizenship and employability, practising foreign languages."

The period is 8 days plus travel days, in which the young people could work with the community during the mornings and between them guided by the young leaders during the afternoons through open space to reflect and share what they learnt and experienced daily. Non formal learning is in the center of the project.


Mornings: to join the local community in their daily tasks or support them in an specific one such as gardening, bioconstruction, land management, sustainable living talks (from cooking to making soaps), etc.

Afternoons: using different participatory methods to explore own place in the world as an individual and as a generation, about “the good life”, discovering all the dimensions (myself, my family, my local community, my country, europe, the world, nature).

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