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ATTUNEMENT – playfight 29.04-04.05 (6 DAY’S RETREAT)


ATTUNEMENT – playfight 29.04-04.05 (6 DAY’S RETREAT)
Lun, 29. Aprile 2024, 11:00 h - Sab, 4. Maggio 2024, 16:00 h
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ATTUNEMENT – playfight 29.04-04.05 (6 DAY’S RETREAT)


ATTUNEMENT – playfight 29.04-04.05 (6 DAY’S RETREAT)

with David Schäppi & Ester Braga

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6 DAY’S RETREAT in the Mountains in an Ecovillage retreat center

Where: Alpe Pianello Ecovillage Dumenza (VA) – ITALY
When: 29th April – 5th May

A relating practice through movement and dance

This practice doesn’t aim for a specific expression, form or technique; rather it is rooted on principles that we explore through direct experience in our bodies.
These principles enable us to cultivate a state of being that is setting the ground for relating, connecting and subsequently engaging, dancing and playing.
The content of the practice is one aspect, on the other side it is as much relevant and essential the kind of container that I and WE create. Read more here

[ a t t u n e m e n t ]

Insights from choosing this name… An invitation and specific tools to … check the ground, connect inside, tune your own instrument, therefore enter a process of tuning with the partner/s; sometimes it is “just” about that. Within the tuning the dance is already happening. Nothing to add, nothing to achieve. Expanding, while searching for the attunement and in that space of unknown meet, dance and grow together. And the good news is that whenever the attunement feels lost, it can always be found again, a process of re-connection, so to be able to enjoy the disconnection too.


The principles are not meant to be fully attained or learned; instead, they indicate to us a direction for the process.
In the workshop we orient the exploration on these principles, but in the end what matters are not concepts, ideas, beliefs, but the experience you can make with your body and witness with your mind. We wish to expand the capacity to recognise what is happening, nuancing the experience.

Read more:

AND I / we don’t claim that I / we have invented any of these principals


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